Mary Jo Ondrechen







Undergraduate Institution: Reed College, Portland, Oregon

Research Interest(s): Computational biology, study of enzyme function, functional genomics, drug discovery

Personal Interest(s): Science, fitness, medicinal and culinary herbs, music (rock, classical, & folk).

How did you get interested in science?: My Dad taught me about the stars and my Mom taught me about nature. I was hooked early on.

What are your future career goals?: Better understanding of enzyme function, figuring out correct annotations for structural genomics proteins, and designing new inhibitors.

Conference Presentations: 3DSIG and Automated Function Prediction sessions, Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, International Society for Computational Biology, Vienna, Austria, July, 2011.

Northeast Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, New Haven, CT, January 14, 2012.

Publications: http://

Awards: I was honored to receive the Service Award from the Graduate Student Association in 2011