Caitlyn Mills

Graduate Student


Undergraduate Institution: University of New Haven, CT (2012) — B.S. Chemistry, B.S. Forensic Science

Research Interest(s): Protein Function Annotation, Chemical Biology, Superfamily and Structural Genomics Research

Personal Interest(s): Reading, sports, going on adventures, photography, and video games.

How did you get interested in science?: My high school chemistry teacher (Mr. Bump) was my favorite teacher.  He got me interested in chemistry and science all together.  After taking his AP Chemistry class, I took other science courses (like AP Biology and AP Physics) and started looking into careers in the science community.

What are your future career goals?: Work in industry as the head of a research group in a pharmaceutical company, or work in a governmental agency (FBI, DEA, etc.) as a forensic chemist.

Conference Presentations: