Dinesh John
Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Health Sciences

Phone: 617.373.5695


Dinesh John is an Assistant Professor in the Health Sciences Department. His research examines the effects of sedentary behavior and physical activity on various health outcomes with focus on the workplace. He has conducted studies examining the efficacy of strategies to modify the workplace to be a more active environment and has expertise in using advanced sensor-based measurement techniques to accurately quantify physical activity and sedentary behavior. He has helped develop a wireless multi-sensor integrated measurement system for physical activity. These sensor-based measurement tools help gain a better understanding of the dose-response relationship between health outcomes and physical activity and sedentary behavior. Prior to joining Northeastern University, Professor John was a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the Kinesiology department at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Education/degrees: PhD University of Tennessee

Specializations: sedentary behavior, physical activity, objective measurement

Research Interests: Physical Activity and Health, Physical Activity Measurement

Selected Research/Scholarship Projects:

Major Collaborators/Affiliations:



John D., Bassett DR., Thompson DL., Bielak KM., and Raynor H. Treadmill Workstations: A worksite physical activity intervention in overweight and obese office workers. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 8(8)1034-43, 2011.

John D., Liu S., Sasaki J., Howe C., Gao R., Staudenmayer J., and Freedson P. Calibrating a novel multi-sensor physical activity measurement system. Physiological Measurement, 32(9), 1473-89, 2011.

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